֍ Psychedelic Integration Coach with a specialization in Harm Reduction ֍
֍ Recovery/Addiction Coach ֍
֍ Cognitive Behavioral Coach ֍

Where you put your focus determines the path you will take. People tend to live a limited life and without even realizing it, create a set of habitual beliefs that guide their life. I want to work with you to destroy those limiting beliefs, help you process your past traumas, and guide you towards a more fulfilling and open life.

I will work with you during an initial consult to see how best to help you discover your life's hidden meaning. I offer :
  • Harm Reduction Education
  • Psychedelic Assessments
  • Psychedelic Consultations
  • Crisis Intervention Support
  • Cognitive Behavioral Coaching
  • Pre/Post Integration Sessions
  • Spiritual Emergence Coaching (Breath Work Technique)
1 Session
3 Session Package
6 Session Package
Pre/Post Retreat Package
1 session before and 2 sessions after the retreat
The path to our true self starts through a journey within. An examination of our thoughts, habits, patterns, and past can lead us to an understanding of our current state and help us to build a strong foundation for an enlightened future.

While we all live life, we do not necessarily live the same one. Actions and their consequences can either lift us up or feel like a weight holding us down. Sometimes it is our actions and other times it is other's actions against us that shape our feelings and thought patterns.

These actions can cause us to choose methods of relief that are harmful to our soul essence.