Preparation & Integration

For your experience
with Entheogen

What is Entheogen Assisted-Coaching?
it is a way of maximizing the efficacy of your experience with natural Entheogen. The way to prepare your mind for receiving as much as possible from your future experience by setting up the correct intentions and to cultivate the right psychological mindset.
Very often in the ceremony, you have realizations about life, but with that insight, things don't resolve. You have to put it in practice.
I will help you to take that new information gained and grounding it into your everyday life.
How does
it help?
I will deeper your experience and journey further into personal understanding. For this purpose, I suggest sessions that would be divided into preparationt work and post-integration guidance.

Preparationt sessions will explore what you are seeking to gain from the experience and work on the intention you wish to carry into the ceremony.

Post-integration sessions will be looking at the insights you have gained. Entheogen can open the unconscious which for many of us has been locked away for years.
I aim to work with these new insights and begin to integrate them and bring healthy power back into your life.
Reduce Anxiety
Why Coaching is for you?
Set up intentions
Easy pre-retreat
drugs detox
Provide safety in case
of mental problems
"afterglow" effect
Make a change
in everyday life
Are you ready to get your life back on track?
Interested in finding life's deeper meaning and what your role is in it?
Have you found yourself reaching for things to dull or numb your pain from the past?
Would you like to go beyond that and live your most fulfilling life yet?

I'd like to help you thrive.
Amanda Decker
֍Psychedelic Integration Coach with a specialization in Harm Reduction
֍ Recovery/Addiction Coach
֍ Cognitive Behavioral Coach
֍ Ambassador for
Heroic Hearts Project
Where you put your focus determines the path you will take. People tend to live a conditional life and without even realizing it, create a set of limiting beliefs that guide their life. I want to work with you to destroy those limiting beliefs, help you process your past traumas, and guide you towards a more fulfilling and open life.

I will work with you during an initial consult to see how best to help you discover your life's hidden meaning.

I specialise in:

· Harm Reduction Education
· Psychedelic Assessments
· Psychedelic Consultations
· Crisis Intervention Support
· Cognitive Behavioral Coaching
· Pre/Post Integration Sessions
· Spiritual Emergence Coaching (Breath Work Technique)

Besides being a coach, Amanda Decker is US airforce veteran
and an ambassador for Heroic Hearts Project.
As well she is a founder of Andea Experience
The path to our true self starts through a journey within. An examination of our thoughts, habits, patterns, and past can lead us to an understanding of our current state and help us to build a strong foundation for an enlightened future.



Sessions will be conducted over a digital platform via Skype/Zoom or face time, and last approximately 90 minutes.
One consultation

This option will help you to clarify any questions you might have regarding your past or upcoming experience in a quick but useful way.
2 sessions

Reduce Anxiety before your experience and maximize results
Set up intentions that will boost your experience and guide you through the ceremony
Reduce the negative effect of canceling some medications (as SSRI or sleeping pills) that should not be taken with Entheogen
Easy your pre-retreat dieting process that might be a challenge for many people
Prepare your mind and body for the work with Plants
Create a roadmap for preparation if you are suffering from a mental illness.

The exact program will be made after your detailed inquiry and a quick discussion with you before your course.

4 sessions

If you've already experienced Entheogen and feel the need to support your integration as well as understand your experience better this option is for you.

It will help to:
Preserve the results of your experience and prolong "afterglow" effect
Integrate new insights and knowledge into your everyday life
Clarify uncertainty that you could have during your experience
Smoother a "shocking" effect of a ceremony
Implement a new way of thinking and living after your life-changing experience.

Preparation & Integration
6 sessions

It is our ongoing commitment to you to facilitate the most beneficial experience pre, during the retreat, and post for you to fully utilize the healing benefits of Entheogen.

If you are getting ready for your experience this is the best one-time investment you can make to maximize the efficiency of your upcoming journey.


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